History of BEMA

BEMA was founded in the year 1946 bei Ing. Josef Bein. The company started with the production of drawing machines. With the upcoming demand for stranding machines, the company specialised in the development and production of High Speed Tubular stranders. Additionally a large variety of supplementary machines and devices completed the program. BEMA was one of the first companies, who increased the capacity of the stranding process by the development of Skip stranders. From the first beginnings with the use of wood, BEMA optimised the design to bows, now made of spring steel.

The upcoming demand for cost effective production of electric cables for power applications, telecommunication and data-cables initiated the development of Single- and Double Twist stranders with all the equipment like Central- and Longitudinal Taping heads, Binding heads, stationary driven or non driven Payoffs, Rotating Pay-Offs with hundred percent- or variable backtwist etc.
In 1993 BEMA moved to a new location at the south border of Vienna, where a reorganised structure with modern production facilities give the chance to meet the challenges of a developing world of tomorrow.
Recently Bema has closed the production.

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