Rotating Pay-Off's

These  rotating  Pay - Offs are especially designed to operate together with Single-Twist stranders or similar machines to give 100%  back twist  and tension control for sensible products like high-speed data or communication cables.

Rotating Pay-Off for 4 reels with 100% back twist or variable backtwist. Constant tension control by means of dancer arm. One drive for the reel. The flyer is equipped with hysteresis brake and speed-sensor. It is synchronised to the strander speed by the reel drive via the pay-off wire. Pay-Offs are available in different numbers of reels and sizes between 400 mm and 630 mm flange diameter.
+ simple and effective design.
- stationary dancer pulleys, limited speed

Option:  Stand for rotating dancer arm for four wires. Four independent dancer arms for tension measurement with one common drive to synchronise to the rotor-speed. This device is used to control the tension of the Rotating Pay-Offs wires, without influence to the wire torsion, as it is running synchronous to the flyers.
+ no torsion in single wire



Rotating Pay-Off for four reels with 100% or variable backtwist. Flyer with deflection pulley and reel have separate drives, tension control via rotating tension sensor which is directly controlling the reel drive. This design gives very high operating speed >1000RPM with effective tension control down to 3N for sensible wires. Easy loading by Swing-out design of the reel supports, electric hoist at the top for all reels.
+ can operate at constant low tension up to high speeds.
- more expensive as it has additional drive and sensors.


Rotating Pay-Off for single reel. Constant tension control by pneumatic disc-brake via diameter measurement. The reel is rotating cross to its axis, this gives improved path for the wire but limits the speed. Pay-Offs for reel sizes between 400 mm and 1600 mm flange diameter.
+ less deflection of pay-off wires
- relatively low speed compared to other designs


The Single-Twist stranding machine can also be equipped to serve as rotating Pay-Off. In this case the machine can be used as well as stranding machine to produce the core strand, and then pay-off this cable to a second Single Twister in Tandem operation with synchronised rotor speed. This option is available for all SE-sizes.
+ Pay-Off can be used as fully functional stranding machine
- expensive compared to a standard Pay-Off

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