Take-Ups ARV-Hy are built with electric drive, hydraulic platform and Rollring traversing unit. The reel-range comprises sizes from 630mm up to1250mm flange diameter. Each Take-up is equiped with movable pintles that can take adaptors for different reel sizes.


Classic type of Take-Up, built by BEMA several thousand times. Separate drives for lifting, width adjustment, electronic traversing. Reel drive for speed or tension control. Also mechanical drive from capstan via driving shaft and friction clutch available.


The take-Ups  ARV-HyF is a version with electric traversing drive, which is moving the complete Take-Up for traversing. This is indicated for sensible material which should be guided straight on the reel. The traversing step is set by means of preselect switches, the traversing width can be set by photoelectric sensors or mechanical switches.


The portal type take-Up ART is equiped with electric drive for the reel, drives to lift and lower each pintle and width adjustment (open/close pintles). The traversing drive moves the complete Take-Up, the traversing width is adjusted by photoelectric sensors. The Take-Up can be used in-line with stranding machines and in a configuration as Pay-Off - Take-Up as Rewinding- or Repair-line. The Take-Up ART can be equiped to serve as Take-Up and also as Pay-Off with each Speed-control and Tension-control.
Rewinding lines have a measurement station with the Operators-Panel Length masurement and optional hydraulic cutting-device.
Reel sizes: 1000 - 2800mm flange diameter.

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