Tubular Stranders

Table with technical data of standard SV-stranding lines.

SVZ 6+1/40

Tubular Strander for 7 reels 400mm flange diameter

The Tubular Stranding machine consists of bearing stands made of welded steel for the tube bearings. Up to reel size of 630mm these are central bearings instead of underrollers to provide less maintenance and high speed. The stranding rotor is built up from welded tubes with wire guidings outside the tube. The reels are held in cradles, which are positioned inside the tube. A light beam along the complete length of the machine monitors, if the pneumatically operated reel-pintles are securely closed and the cradles are in safe condition. The machine is equipped with wire break detectors for each segment, hydraulic disk-breaks and individual drives for the Stranding Rotor, the Capstan and the Take-Up. The operator's desk gives full control over parameters like Rotor-speed, lay-length and production length. A LCD text-display provides messages to guide the operator and to detect electric faults with direct references. The machine is controlled by a PLC-control, which is located in the main cabinet together with the drive-converters, power-supply, fuses etc. An optional Feeding-Robot exchanges automatically empty reels against full ones. The machine is delivered completely wired and tested.

                 Tubular Strander with automatic Feeding Robot
The Robot is programmed to exchange empty reels inside a Tubular- or Skip-Strander with a full one prepared outside the machine. Each reel-section along the machine can be preselected individually, the Robot is moving to the first selected position, exchanges the reels and then moves to the next position. Meanwhile the operator can weld the wire of the already operated reels. The Robot is equiped with its own PLC-control, the control-desk gives information of the condition of the device by LEDs for each movement axis and preselected positions and provides the operator with information and fault indication by LCD-Textdisplay.

Tubular Strander for 42 reels 400mm flange diameter

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