calculates wire/strand length on a reel

Calculates the length and weight of wire or cable on a reel (METRIC units).





 reel flange diameter d1:


reel core diameter d2:


 reel winding width l2:


wire (cable) diameter d:


spec. weight of wire :


winding factor :

   0.7 - 1




Wire length :


Wire weight :






Select input field with mouse or TAB key.
The result is calculated when the input field is left.
Use the dot "." as decimal sign!

Spec. weight of: St = 7.86; Cu = 8.95; Al = 2.7; Cu-isolated ~ 2.7
The 'Winding factor' depends on the quality of traversing  
                    (optimum = 1, default 0.82).

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